Together with our reliable partners we offer a simple and very cost effective service whether you are moving overseas from Adelaide or receiving goods in Adelaide sent from Overseas

Our many years of experience has enabled us to offer a very competitive service, in fact if you have other quotes we believe you will be pleasantly surprised at our quotation.

Sending your possessions from Adelaide

There are three options:

Air Freight: Is generally chosen to send items that need to reach the destination early, or if you have smaller consignments. Air freight is also used to send to countries where sea freight is not an option. Our door to door air freight service uses high quality removal techniques and reliable international airlines.

Sea Freight: Is the cheaper of the two options and is certainly the most preferred for shipping household items. Most international relocations are conducted by sea freight using shipping containers where we come to your house and collect you items loading them straight into the shipping container. Your household furniture and effects are wrapped using protective specific export material. An inventory is created of all the items. Our containers are shipped with reliable shipping lines, using modern handling equipment.

Commercial Shipments: We can also handle commercial shipment from Adelaide utilising either sea or air freight.

Receiving goods from overseas

Moving to Australia and your shipment is on the way? If you need somebody to handle all of the paperwork and organise the delivery in Adelaide then we have the service for you.

Whether it be Airfreight or Sea freight we can assist you in this process.

We have access to a specialised licensed customs broker, Customs Bond and a Quarantine approved warehouse to assist you with processing your goods when they arrive.

After customs and quarantine clearance we can deliver your shipment to your door.

We specialise in both personal furniture and effects and commercial shipments

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